Who am I?

Hi, I'm Shreya -- team player, pixel pusher, and data-driven UX researcher. I'm a behavioral science master's graduate from the University of Chicago, and I strongly believe in the power of applying these concepts (such as using "nudges" to promote positive behavior change) to product design. Ask me about my experience working with monkeys and I'll tell you how I transitioned from monkey business to user business! 🐒

In the product space, I make evidence-backed decisions, and that's precisely how I deliver measurable improvements in user experiences. Besides being a robust research asset to a product team, I am also a
design generalist.

Currently, I am researching and designing adaptive screen interfaces 🖥️ as a UX researcher at Breathing.AI. I'm passionate about conservation and sustainability 🌱, that's why I'm volunteering as a UX researcher at the Lemur Conservation Network!

I'm open to new roles if the right opportunity comes along!

What do others say?

"Shreya created an excellent web presence for our company, with a site that combined clarity, visual appeal, interactivity and an ability to generate customer leads. Incorporating principles of excellent UX design, the site helped effectively move visitors along the customer journey. The project was completed on time and under budget. Other UX contributions from Shreya included major refinements to the interface of the management console for the company's core product, a cybersecurity platform. I highly recommend Shreya as a UX designer."

— Gordon Smith, CEO @ Akitra

"Shreya is a quick learner who is user-centric, which is what makes her a great UX Researcher. She's willing to take her time to ask the right questions so that she can pinpoint the user's needs. At GiveShop, she has prepared, conducted, and synthesized multiple rounds of users tests that helped us improve our designs to better serve our users."

— Harry Ng, CEO @ GiveShop

How do I work?